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Background Image of a butterfly for testimonials of mental health problems that joanne was able to treat. Image by Fleur

“I went to Joanne with an issue that many people would be dismissive of. Joanne listened to me without judgement and was supportive in my process of talking through my issues and guiding me so I could find my own resolution. She provided tools for outside of the sessions to help with situations and thought processes.”

Georgina, Essex

“I haven’t had counselling before so I took the plunge during lockdown via Zoom, I was bit dubious about video sessions. but Joanne made me feel at ease straight away and identified why I was having different emotions and anxiety through my childhood and how that transferred to my adult personal life. With her guidance I was able to understand, and express myself to my partner which I could not do before. I would highly recommend Joanne."

Steve, Witham, Essex

“I went through a roller coaster of emotions whilst seeing Joanne and I can honestly say she was amazing whatever type of day I was having. She offered support, guidance, reassurance and now I am in a far better place. I would highly recommend Joanne as a therapist.”

Ms CP Billericay, Essex

“Having been in an unhappy relationship for some time, I decided to have counselling and was recommended to Joanne. I thought before Christmas that these little strategies I’m doing are not working. Then since Christmas it has all come together and has been well worth the work I’ve put in. I now know there’s no quick fix, the long term effort is more sustainable and effective.”

Miss DH Cold Norton Essex

"Joanne is empathetic but also very practical with providing tools that will help with day to day emotions and situations. I didn't want an over analysis of problems, I needed help in overcoming some negative emotions and a way to move forward positively. Joanne, very ably, provided just that. I found the experience incredibly helpful."


"I went to Jo with a big problem and she made me feel at ease from the start. Such a lovely person, who made me feel like a better person. Don’t think I could of got through it without her help. After a few months going to her, I now feel ready to go it alone, can’t thank her enough. I’m a better person because of Jo X"

JB Billericay

"Zoom video sessions with Joanne have been my lifeline during lock-down. I live on my own and am retired. I have dealt with things in my life that I had never faced before. Technology is not my thing and I was very nervous, but it was better than I expected, and Joanne helped me with that too. I am so appreciative and relieved, worth every penny. Have recommended her already."

Mrs M, London

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